School RULES

Go go go

In your van quick

‘Cause you don’t a kick!

Your Teacher says

“You’re late you’re late you’re late!”

“Now you might …”

“Get a flight “

“Up to the moon!!!”

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A Running Poem        When It’s My Birthday

When I run,                    When it’s my birthday,

It is fun!                            I’ll have a cake

It’s not fun                       By the lake!

In the sun!                       When it’s my birthday,

                                             I’ll have a bag

                                              With a flag!

                                               When it’s my birthday,

                                                A knight will come

                                                In the night!

                                                           Then my parents’ll kiss me goodnight….

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The Messiah is born!

The Messiah is born!

This is a true story. The story about God and His one and only Son, Jesus.

This story goes far back as 2,000 years or so.

One day, there was a girl named Mary. She was engaged to a man named Joseph. Then one day, Mary was busy baking some bread and while she was doing it, a shiny figure appeared in the room. It was an angel. The angel Gabriel. Frozen in fright, Mary dropped the bread and looked at the angel. ‘Don’t be afraid my dear Mary,’ said the angel Gabriel, smiling. ‘I have great news to tell.’ ‘God told me that you will be the mother of the Messiah.’ ‘You must call Him Jesus.’ ‘For He will save us all.’  With that, the angel disappeared. Mary ran to Joseph to tell the good news. Joseph wondered if he would still marry Mary, now that she was pregnant. In Joseph’s dream, appeared an angel.

‘All would be fine if you will marry Mary.’ Said the angel. So Joseph married Mary. Soon after Mary and Joseph were married, the emperor sent a message.

You all must go to the country or place in where you were born,’ the messenger read out loud. Joseph was born in Bethlehem. So Joseph and Mary packed their things and took their donkey with them. It took them a long time to get there but soon they reached Bethlehem.

Bethlehem was crowded with people and it was so dusty. Joseph can’t find a place to stay in for the night, not even one inn. But a kind innkeeper took pity on them and thought, ‘How tired and dusty they are!’. Even Mary looked worried, she knew that Jesus would be born any time now. Finally, the innkeeper suggested that he should let them in. The innkeeper didn’t have rooms, but he did have a clean stable. So he welcomed Joseph and Mary inside his inn. Joseph thanked the innkeeper for his kindness, and came in. The inn keeper served them food and water.

After that, Jesus was born. There, He lied sleeping on the stable. Mary and Joseph were happy with what they had. Now, there were three wise men who heard about the new born king. And there lived a king, a bad king whose name was Herod. When he heard about Jesus, he got very, very angry. For he thought that he was the only king in the world. So he sent for the wise men.

He asked, ‘Where does this new born king live?’ he asked. ‘Far in the east.’ they answered. ‘I want to worship him too!’ Herod pretended that he wanted to worship Jesus, but really he wanted to kill Him. The wise men wanted to worship Him. They bought Him a chest of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They followed a star that guided them to Jesus. This special time is what  we call ‘Christmas’.

My name is Isabelle and God has saved my life many times and I believe in Him. I love God and every time I get in trouble, I pray and God answers my prayers.

So trust God, and God will answer your prayers.

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